Religious Emblems Programs for Scouts and Leaders

 These awards are given by the church that the Scout or Leader is a member of. The requirements vary according to the religion. The materials are available through the Council Office or through the individual churches.

Information Sources:

Awards and Materials that are available:


God and Church Student

God and Church Counselor

God and Church Adult Mentor

God and Life Student

God and Life Counselor

God and Life Adult Mentor

God and Service Adult Protestant and independent Christian Churches

God and Service Adult United Methodist Church

God and Service Adult Presbyterian Church

St. George        Adult Episcopal

Good Shepherd Adult Baptist

Prophet Elias        Adult Eastern Orthodox

Servant of Youth Lutheran

The Lamb Award Lutheran

Roman Catholic and Eastern Rite Catholic

Ad Altare Dei Scouts

Pope Pius XII Older Scouts

Saint George Award Adult

Eastern Orthodox

Alpha Omega Scouts

Prophet Elias Award Adult


Ner Tamid Scout

Etz Chaim Older Scouts

Shofar Award Adult


In the Name of God Scout

Allaho Akber Award Adult



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

On My Honor Award Scout and Adult

Association of Unity churches

Light of God Scout

Distinguished Youth Service Award Adult

Churches of Christ

Good Servant Scout

Faithful Servant Award Adult

Unitarian Universalist

Religion in Life Scout

Religion and Youth Award Adult

Polish National Catholic

Bog I Ojczyna Scout

Bishop Thaddeus F Zielinski Adult


Sangha Scout

Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

Ararat Scout

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Spirit of Truth Scout

Friends Award Adult


Unity of Mankind Scout

Salvation Army

God and the Salvation Army Scout

God and Life Scout

Scouter's Award Adult

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Liahona Scout

Life and World Older Scout

International Youth Service Award Adult

Religious Emblem Square Knot, Youth and Adult


In the Protestant "God and Me" and "God and Family", there are materials available for a counselor. A counselor is usually one or both parents, but it may also be another adult. This can include Grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends or an adult associated with the church. Mentor is a relatively new set of materials that is an optional approach available to adults. The objectives are to (1) enrich the experience of the youth enrolled in the God and Country program; (2) enrich the experience of the adults who are working with children in this program; and (3) enrich the relationship of the child and adult working together. The function of the mentor is therefore not merely to guide the student through his or her program (not to serve as the counselor, in the traditional sense), but to work with the child as they each grow in the understanding of their own faith and as they learn how to share their faith with each other and with others. it is not meant as materials for an adult working on their own. The adult will receive a pin and certificate to match the student's recognition items. Completing the program does not qualify the adult for the religious square knot. The mentor pin is for nonuniform clothing only.

Religious emblems: Who owns them?

How can I earn the religious emblem of my faith?" is a question often asked by adults. The answer is that you can't earn it. They are awarded to deserving adults whom the respective organizations consider worthy of such recognition. In other words the individual does not seek the award, but the award seeks the individual.

A question we sometimes hear from boys is "Although if am of ____ faith. I'd like to learn about other faiths and earn their awards. Where can I get the requirements?" The reply is specific. The religious emblems literally are the property of the different religious bodies and they have determined that only the youth of their faith group may earn the appropriate emblem.

Award Ceremonies: The emblems are often awarded twice. A Pack meeting is always used.. If the Blue and Gold banquet is near this is perfect. The ceremony should be made a big deal as it is a very tough award to have earned. This will often encourage other Cubs and parents to give it a try. The second award should be made the Cub Scout's church. Normally this would be during the worship service and include the parents, denominational leader and may include Cub leaders as appropriate.

Changes in the Lutheran religious growth program: The Lutheran church has reserved the Living Faith award to 9th to 12th graders and added the God and Church program in grades 6th through 8th. The God and Church Counselor manual now includes the Lutheran supplement. A new adult recognition program has been developed to recognize adults who have given leadership to Lutheran young people. The new award is called Servant of Youth and is not a replacement for the Lamb award.

There is a Lutheran Recognition of Excellence patch that is available to units sponsored by Lutheran bodies. There are several requirements to meet.

There are numerous resources available on the web. You can find:

BSA at


BSA.Net at

The MacScouter at

U.S. Scouting Service at

and many more resources can be found with a search engine

I am aware of 6 denominational Scouting Associations. They include Lutheran, United Methodist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Episcopal, and Disciples of Christ. I have information about how to join the Lutheran and Methodist.

There are also some conferences at the Philmont Training Center that support the denominational Scouting Associations and the relationships between Scouting and church bodies.

Appropriate graces for Scouting events.

Philmont Grace

For food, for rainment,

for life and opportunity,

for friendship and fellowship,

we thank thee O' Lord.


 Johnny Appleseed Grace

O' the Lord is good to me

and so I thank the Lord

for giving me the things I need,

the sun, the rain, the appleseed.

the Lord is good to me.

Amen, Amen, Amen-Amen-Amen, Aamenn